School is back in session, however, at Talk The Talk New York we think that the phrase “no more pencils, no more books…” still applies. We have created a new section of our blog where parents and fellow SLP’s can search for helpful speech and language APP’s.  We think that carryover at home crucial in order for children to reach their speech goals. But, we think that practicing goals should be fun. Check out our first APP Review.

The Entire World of Articulation Flip Books by Dynavox Mayer – Johnson

This APP is great for children who need to practice a variety of speech sounds such as r, s, l etc.  There are 3 flip book pages containing the beginning, middle and end of a sentence. Children “flip” the pages until they create a sentence that they would like to hear. The child then taps a button in order to hear the sentence produced appropriately. In order to practice speech sounds, the child should repeat the sentence back using strategies provided by his/her speech therapist. An example of a sentence in The Entire World of Ar is, Sparky the Martian played arcade games in Argentina. This sentence allows a child to practice the “ar” sound in the beginning and middle of a word while getting a good laugh, as well. We love this APP because children can come up with wacky sentences while practicing their target sounds. We think this is a win-win situation!